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Posted by Axeascam Axeascam

Address: No. 5 Western Avenue Cotonou,
West Africa, Republic Du' Benin
E-mail Address [ ]
Calling Number +229 66 366 540

Dear: Customer:

Information reaching us from our corporate headquarters here in Porto
- Novo, the capital state of Benin Republic, states that you only have
48-hours to effect your payment for the updating of your mtcn# number
to enable you cash up your first $3,860 Us Dollars from your total
fund of (seven hundred thousand united state dollars) since you are
finding it difficult to make this payment we have decided that you are
to go ahead and pay whatever you have out of the total fee of $255 usd
required for the updating fee since you are not able to come up with
the required charge. But mind you, no amount below $100 will be
accepted so we expect you to pay amount from $100 and above. You are
to pay what ever you have for the updating fee whatever and we will
activate your mtcn# number upon receipt of this payment.

Be informed that you will have to pay the balance fee of your updating
upon cashing up of your first $3,860 usd dollars also I am using this
medium to inform you that failure to pay the balance charge will leave
us with no option but to deactivate your mtcn # number of which you
will and can never cash up the balance fee and the total is
$10.5million Us Dollars,

I want you to send the updating and activation fee with the
information bellow.send the $100 usd dollars Via western union Or
Money Gram / Ria money transfer office

Receiver?s Name--------Balor Madu
Country-----------Benin Republic
Test Question------------When
Amount................$100 usd dollars

Please any amounts you send let us know but remember what so ever
amount below $100 usd dollars will not be accepted. You can send us
the payment information?s immediately you send the money. Immediately
we confirm the activation fee we will send you the first receipt of
your $3,860 Us Dollars at the same day. Regards Mr. Udoku Mba from
western union money transfer office Porto-Novo Benin Republic.

In addition to this, we have decided to compensate our entire client
due to their inability to pay the requested fee from the authorities,
the compensation started this morning been Saturday, December 30, 2017
and it will end on Monday, January 1, 2018  by reducing the high cost
to low amount.

As the matter of fact, the transferring fee and all cost requested
from the authorities has been cut down to any amount as you can afford
and that is only money you have to pay to receive your payment because
the transferring of your funds were approved and signed as well and we
do contacted you today for your immediate attention over it. Note that
anything that has the beginning is also has the end in that case,
first come first serve. Western Union Money Transfer Service Office.

You are entitle to receive your payment today if you do send the money
today as well We are waiting to hear from you today with the fee to
enable this department to release your payment immediately.

Best Regards;

Mr. Udoku Mba.

Calling Number +229 66 366 540