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Posted by Axeascam Axeascam
Badenerstrasse 141, 8036 Zurich,
Email:   holocaust_claims@swissmail.net
Our Ref: HCPC/CRT/10.987.15
Attn: Holocaust Beneficiary,
Dear Confirmed Holocaust Claimant

The Swiss Claims Conference over the years had been distributed to survivors instead of other charities – many not even Holocaust related, including projects of various organizations represented on the Claims Conference board – we would  today face the tragedy of you a survivors unable to pay their basic counsel fees ,food, medical and utility bills.

Not another column on the Claims Conference,’ you may be thinking, we must make up for your shameful silence we have maintained over the years with you inability to make the conclusion to your fund receipt.

SINCE our last column to your transfer to Spain, We have received a flow of additional information concerning aspects of Claims Conference activities of which you are unaware from Spanish office correspondent Mr. Anthony Wilberforce.

I knew that you had assumed the chairmanship of Dr Volcker crucial advisory committees for disbursement of funds in the office. But you should only learned subsequently that he actually chairs five of the most important committees, including the powerful allocations committee but may be ignored in cancellation to your claims.

With such concentration of power in the hands of one person, checks and balances disappear and governance inevitably becomes corrupted if you may not wish to conceal with Mr. Anthony as Candidly Speaking: You are  A trust betrayer.

Be aware that payment is on going as approval given which you should viewed in the below web site.


we expect your immediate action to this receipt.
Congratulations and thank you,
Elizabeth McCaul,
Advisory Committee Supervisor,
Banking Superintendent,
Member of Advisory Committee to Special Master