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Dear Brother,

Please contact Mr Anthony   Wilberforce in Spain right away on this
telephone number: Tel: +34 634 039 245 and Email:
anthonywilberforce@financier.com,for further arrangement to this
our fund receipt as historical inquiries such as these into the
nature of the evil manipulation to this claims and how to behave in
the face of evil are not normally the subject of congressional
hearings to this our situation.

 In this case, however, these questions were central to your own
moral duties by legislators and public officials to learn from the
past so such horrors delay to your receipt will never again happen.

With this situation HCPC began a little over again with an
historical look into the role of Swiss banks, including in your
effort. Soon the investigation, propelled by self-generated moral
imperatives, was expanded to include the role of other neutral
claimants, then allies, and not least.

Remember that deadline has not been precisely met, but hopefully
that you will conclude the resolution of most of these economic
issues which is close at hand.

As I look back through the hearings of this commitment, I am
assuring you that the subject and the more than witnesses from more
than a dozen claimants who has appeared over the past years with
restitution office are struck by the magnitude of their undertaking
without confirmatory evidence.

After an unconscionable, stumbling start, this is where inquiry
began with conscious officers, if you have reacted by submitting
self to the most profound and perhaps brutal act of national
introspection in history as attributed by Burt Neuborn. Please
assure me that you will arrange to the closest conclusion soonest
before Friday.

 Please be very urgent and get back to me immediately after your
discussion With Mr. Anthony. I expect your urgent reaction.

Dr Volker
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