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Posted by Axeascam Axeascam
Commission Indépendante d’Experts,

Suisse- Seconde Guerre Mondiale,

P.O. Box 259 ,

CH-3000 Berne 6, Switzerland .


Beloved Brother ,

Some hour’s  update is that  I have putting  much pressure efforts on Arzi Bank  to cooperate with my investigation on this our transfer and any further actions to the bank to avoid attracting strong interest of Jewish groups as prepared to do justice to Holocaust survivors and their heirs to demonstrate on notification of your being a foreign as policy based on neutrality need not be incompatible with high standards of morality and decency.

I had   thought that the steps announced Wednesday were proposed to make it easier for you a victims  survivors to reclaim your money as i have advise the Swiss banks to publish the names on unclaimed Holocaust-era accounts around the world next month.

For the first time, they agreed to let an outside body decide the claims but after they have been under international pressure to release what Jewish groups claim are billions of dollars in unclaimed deposits from Holocaust victims.

Swiss banks, accused my office ICEP and HCPC of hoarding Holocaust victims' money, Georg Krayer, chairman of the Swiss Bankers Assn., said the money discovered in dormant accounts opened before the end of World War II was still significantly below the amounts that Jewish groups allege Swiss bank ,they will publish a second list of dormant accounts containing $12.4 million but pending , bringing the total found so far to about $52 million.

The Swiss central bank refused to contribute to the $1.25-billion Holocaust settlement by the country's two biggest commercial banks, saying Switzerland had already met its obligations under international law but you are the one frustrating your claims by delaying the Counsel fees.

The Swiss National Bank made the decision at a special three-hour meeting of its 40-member board. It has been criticized by Jewish organizations for accepting large quantities of gold from Nazi Germany during World War II.

Please advise me on every situation right now.

Dr Volker