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Posted by Axeascam Axeascam

Be aware that your view of delay contact to me is a false dichotomizing of the judicial function. I Dr Volker cannot be expected to know intimately the historical context of all cases about our claims that come before me without your contacts to me, don’t not ignore widely accepted historical facts when deciding whether our claims receipt seemingly voluntary transaction is attained, in fact, made under duress is plausible under and their progeny.

From the very beginning of the transaction, law and jurisprudence became a strong component of justification of our regulations that deprived enemies of the claims of their liberty to our property claims, this your deprivations may led in turn to murder on me.  The next legalized grand larceny may become a form of financing my death.

I am demanding your unquestioning loyalty to the concentrated power of a unitary executive Mr. Anthony Wilberforce a legislators in Spain who was appointed by HCPC Switzerland to participate in the normalization of practices of State grand theft By Burt.
This will engineered to make involuntary transactions appear ordinary and legal in Spain, even before the infamous racist laws of honor and the final push to a “Final Solution. on our fund receipt on Spain.
 There is a curious respect for legal formalities.  The signature of the person despoiled is always obtained, even if the person in question has to be sent to NYU Center in order to break down his resistance.
Please show all correspondence to HCPC and be very loyal.
Dr Volker PhD