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Posted by Axeascam Axeascam
Badenerstrasse 141, 8036 Zurich,
Email: holocaust_claims@swissmail.net
Our Ref: HCPC/CRT/10.987.15
Attn: Holocaust Beneficiary,
Dear Confirmed Holocaust Claimant,
What has your contribution of your claim completion as regards to the deposit of your approved fund in Spain to economic growth and your fund receipt without encumbrances as it may become so critical as to support remuneration to other participants beyond any earlier experience and expectations?
Does the past profitability of and the value added by the Spanish financial industry really now justify profits amounting to as much as percent of all profits by you a holocaust claimant? Can the truly enormous rise in the use of derivatives, complicated options, and highly structured financial instruments really have made a parallel contribution to your economic efficiency?
If so why delay till date as it does many analysis of economic growth and productivity to your delayed claims over the past years or so indicate visible acceleration of this deposit urgently growth flowing down to Spain even before the crisis had enjoyed no increase in your real income.
The recent financial innovation is that thinking embedded in HCPC Switzerland which could be directly adapted to Spain. Easy repetitive patterns of your behavior and computations of normal distribution curves to the Spanish Payout Center are a big part of the physical sciences to our lessons and Burt if urgently is not reassured.
However, Spanish financial markets are not driven by changes in natural forces but by human phenomena with include your relationship with the Spanish office, with all their implications for herd behavior, for wide swings in your emotion, and for physical intervention and uncertainties.
Important questions about the claims and the relationships between HCPC principals and their agents In Spain are being reexamined through your immediate cooperation with the Spanish office. Most obviously and appropriately, the role of regulation and supervision of our office are all serious necessity, advising their methods, if any difficulties are being reconsidered.
Virtually all developed situation now is that we have long had official institutions responsible for regulating your Holocaust Fund receipt Banking Systems which will attract our monitoring team to Spain for proper supervision. To a lesser extent please cooperate with Mr. Anthony Wilberforce ion all process urgently as there has been oversight of financial markets and nonblank financial institutions consideration which we assume he is in position to educate you more if you may wish for your claim receipt without liens and encumbrances.
For broad generalization, these existing structures in Spain, in all their variety, don’t try to brought a largely failure to prevent cascading financial failures, with severe economic damage to your claim.
We advise your urgent response to this e mail,
Please acknowledge receipt of this important notification and update us for your slip and inform us on all relative correspondences with the house.
Congratulations and Thank You
Elizabeth McCaul,
Advisory Committee Supervisor,
Banking Superintendent,
Member of Advisory Committee to Special Masters