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Posted by Axeascam Axeascam
Badenerstrasse 141, 8036 Zurich,
Email: crtmail@swissmail.net
Our Ref: HCPC/CRT/10.987.15
Attn: Holocaust Beneficiary,
Dear Confirmed Claimant,
Our office Holocaust Processing Center has played an integral role in helping you of all backgrounds to obtain a measure of just resolution for the willing to consider your payment as our approved claims from Holocaust victims and/or their heirs whose property was looted.
The SBA creates Spanish sub-payment Office in conjunction with the Swiss Banking Ombudsman for unclaimed assets in Swiss banks. In this way, you can ask questions directly without our office to make inquiries to your payout location as a Swiss bank account holder who his cousin is deceased or has disappeared for more than ten years.
Please comply to the directives of the below officer as your further contact and follow up is necessary in all processes; in fact it is highly desirable, given that it encourages greater participation (and therefore potentially greater confidence) in the payment restitution process to this transfer. Such contact can, however, also be highly responding to follow-up questions about your claim that was nearly violently destroyed as appalling circumstances can be akin to navigating an emotional minefield on your trying to avoid.
Urgently arranged for your claim disbursement with:
Name: Anthony   Wilberforce
Contact E mail:anthonywilberforce@financier.com,
Tel: +34 634 039 245
as Spanish registration Decree ordering the registration of your dormant bank accounts may not allow any payment from your payout bank without fulfilling obligation from his office to suit the correspondences ordinance and Spanish due diligence law  as regards to your account concerns the treatment of accounts, deposits and safe deposit boxes in Spain banks and office. If the bank is without your news of your account for 10 days or more, security measures may be taken to safeguard our integrity, immunity and reputation to  the client’s interests or those of his inheritors.
It would expressly encourage the Spain populace to help in a strong and durable manner the rehabilitation of the victims of violence, torture and genocide and it would support efforts of remembrance, reconciliation and prevention of conflicts, genocide and war. The Foundation would come from the sale of your excess gold reserves held by the Swiss National Bank. We expect your immediate  confirmation of arrangement for your payment
 Elizabeth McCaul,
Advisory Committee Supervisor,
Banking Superintendent,
Member of Advisory Committee to Special Masters