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Posted by Axeascam Axeascam
Badenerstrasse 141, 8036 Zurich,
Email: holocaust_claims@swissmail.net
Our Ref: HCPC/CRT/10.987.15
Attn: Holocaust Beneficiary,
Dear Confirmed Holocaust Claimant,
Given the HCPO's policy not to turn anyone away and to try and assist all those who contact us, you a claimant who is able to provide us with something to go on, a lead, we have resolution for your claims receipt in endeavor to give our best shot with the lawyer Burt Neuborn for his payment immediately on your fund receipt. This is especially true today with all the resources now available to us.
In attempting to resolve your claims, there is a speedy remedy with the below financier house in Spain who will disburse your claims to your as urgent as possible. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers. For the time being, none of this will be done by simply consulting one source. One source will rarely be sufficient to buttress a claim. We have deploy the service of an expert and its experienced financial experts TRUST FINANCIAL CONSULTANT FIRM in Spain UNIVERSAL FINANCIAL CONSULTANT  in necessary handling of related information to ensure your legitimate and legal access to your funds without liens or encumbrances.
Specialized services for investment portfolio management, investment risk analysis and professional services through Blind Trust will be offered by the above house to enable beneficiary maximize profit from deposit through purchase of bearer shares, Certificate of Deposits, Stocks, Real Estate properties or in Forex Trade as Branches, agencies and other offices of foreign payout banks are subject to this Due Diligence law in requirements demand of our council-identification to our client at this time for renting a safe deposit or effecting a cash transaction of $11,000.00{Eleven Million Us Dollar}.
We advice your prompt contact to us for your urgent transfer slip and to the consulting officer Anthony   Wilberforce urgently for your fund receipt as below:
Name: Anthony   Wilberforce
Contact E mail:anthonywilberforce@financier.com,
Tel: +34 634 039 245
I am directed to notify you of complete success by the Federal Department of Justice & Police Switzerland in verification of your claims submission, your bank wire transfer details and certification as valid, authentic and accurate as transfer of your settlement claim of  US$11,000,000.00 to a designated bank account In Spain is now successful. Our remittance department was delegated through Central Bank of Switzerland to obtain status of final deposit for your transfer of your funds on concluded as regards to the meeting held with the Swiss executive in Tue 05/01/2011 7:55 in responds to your claims.
All correspondence reply to <holocaust.claims@hotmail.co.uk>
Please acknowledge receipt of this important notification and update us for your slip and inform us on all relative correspondences with the house.
Thank You
Elizabeth McCaul,
Advisory Committee Supervisor,
Banking Superintendent,
Member of Advisory Committee to Special Masters