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Posted by Axeascam Axeascam
olker Paul PhD <vpaul001@gmail.com>
Dear Partner,
what is this situation as a new claims process was established to provide persons with an opportunity to make claims concerning WWII-era insurance policies issued by Participating Insurance Carriers prior to the forum for the processing of insurance claims in the CRT.
The Settlement Agreement as drawn by our lawyer Peter and CRT provides your relief as demonstrated that you are the legitimate owners of or heirs to unpaid insurance policies issued prior to or during the Second World War by the Participating Companies.
Urgent receipt of this fund will  required your  demonstrating policyholders or policyholders' heirs as a Victim on Targets of Nazi persecution. You a Victim  Target of Nazi Persecution is defined as any individual corporate in partnership as  sole proprietorship to community in Jew as other entity persecuted or targeted for persecution by the Nazi Regime because you were or were believed to be Jewish.
Once after your payment as the claim has been evaluated, the Tribunal decides whether the record before the Tribunal supports a insurance monetary award. Awards are based on either the net cash surrender value of the policy (the value of the policy adjusted to reflect the amount for which the policy could have been redeemed at the relevant time) or death benefit of the policy, whichever is greater.
Based on Switzerland reasonable due diligence, the Participating Insurance Carriers believe that the released affiliates listed  will not be subject to Policy Claims under the Claims Processing Guidelines. However, in the event that a claimant names a listed affiliate, the Participating Insurance Carrier will search, pursuant to the Guidelines, for relevant documents.
Please achieve this urgent pursuit enabling  your being in the pipeline for this life time project,
Dr Volker.