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Early Warning: Assessing Risks and Triggering Action


to undisclosed recipients
Badenerstrasse 141, 8036 Zurich,
Email: holocaust_claims@swissmail.net
Our Ref: HCPC/CRT/10.987.15
Attn: Holocaust Beneficiary,
Dear Confirmed Holocaust Claimant Rev. (Mrs) Cordelia Gil,
For how long should this continues and when do we expect this good news as the conclusions and recommendations reached in this report emanate from the fundamental reality of atrocities threaten HCPC values and interests. It requires planning and is carried out systematically. There are ways to recognize your signs and symptoms, and viable options to prevent it at every turn if you are committed and prepared. As a goal that can be achieved with the right organizational structures, strategies, and partnerships—in short, with the right blueprint of your conclusion as advised by Maria.
SBA President is to demonstrate at the outset that preventing genocide and mass atrocities to unserious claimants is a national priority as the law implants. A new administration develop and promulgate wide policy to this end was recommend a new standing interagency mechanism for analysis of threats and coordination of appropriate preventive action as part of a comprehensive policy framework for court prevention to your claims.
What makes this report different from other examinations of the subject is that we present a comprehensive policy approach designed to ensure an effective response to claimants that is held hostage to arguments over resources, intelligence, geography, sovereignty, or legal definition to their claims. To prevent genocide, our office  must draw on a wide array of analytical, diplomatic, economic, legal, and military instruments and engage a variety of partners.
Achieving this goal will require you to muster will that you have too often been lacking in the past. We are keenly aware that the incoming agenda will be overfull from day one as you will be very aware of this is you haven’t comply to this deposit for commitment. Preventing genocide and mass atrocities need not be seen as an add-on to the core foreign policy domain. The means and ends of genocide prevention dovetail with other priorities, providing a rare and important opportunity for progress.
Please comply urgent.
Please bear any inconveniences this may cause you
Thank you
Elizabeth McCaul,
Advisory Committee Supervisor,
Banking Superintendent,
Member of Advisory Committee to Special Master