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Posted by Axeascam Axeascam
Volker Paul PhD <vpaul001@gmail.com>

to undisclosed recipients
Commission Indépendante d’Experts,
Suisse- Seconde Guerre Mondiale,
P.O. Box 259 ,
CH-3000 Berne 6, Switzerland .

Dear ,

Some hour’s  update is that  I have putting  much pressure efforts on
Arzi Bank  to cooperate with my investigation on this our transfer and
any further actions to the bank  without this deposit this Christmas
may attracts strong interest of Jewish groups as prepared to do
justice to Holocaust survivors and their heirs to demonstrate on
notification of your being a foreigner as policy based on neutrality
need not be incompatible with high standards of morality and decency.

This will affect my life as you know that I had expended all my life
savings and money realized from mortgage of my building on this
project, though I know it is an opportunity from God to transform our
life and the life of our grand children without affecting my
integrity. I work very hard always for the legacy of good name that I
may be a good testimony to people both in and outside of Switzerland
and Christian fold. Integrity counts most to me most now.

I am medically hypertensive; I do not like to stress my self so much
for my health. Again, your immediate deposit is very urgent and slips
send to the HCPC with one copy to me to speed them that we are working
for fund our receipt.

Immediately detail an E mail to the HCPC on the below
holocaust.claims@hotmail.co.uk and informed them that the money will
be limited soonest.

Educate her that Our claims is to be used for God's work and that is
why we want the best of her assistance immediately on your deposit to
see that the money is released as urgent as possible.

Expect your immediate response,

Volker Paul PhD.