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Posted by Axeascam Axeascam
Freedom and Holocaust Denial

Volker Paul PhD <dr.vkl_paul@yahoo.it>

to me

CRT modern writers relied on anonymity for a number of reasons, including the real peril that came with mails and a republic of letters commitment to treating ideas equally, something difficult to do in a world most assumed was one of organic hierarchy where to know a name was often reason enough to dismiss an idea.
None of those reasons apply to you and it seems to me that you simply like the affectation, like to be able to spout without consequence, like to caricature the ideas of others, and, for reasons I can't fathom, they want to be part of serious conversation but only assume without having anything I say ever be connected to you.
So I have difficulty, officials told me that they do very much prefer talking with serious people who are willing to accept the consequences of revealing their ideas as their ideas.
I digest to their understand on this horror one starts with the group of criminal pseudo-intellectuals Burt $ co created as i make its clear to the meanest intelligence that I am talking about the mental world the Burt created.
Be urgent to your update as a freedom to voice an opinion on any matter, and should also include the Holocaust, which, when it is reviewed, many questions are left unanswered.
Please reply.
Dr Volker