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Posted by Axeascam Axeascam
Volker Paul PhD <vpaul001@gmail.com>

to undisclosed recipients
Dear Friend,

Various disputes in CRT office now unfolding are not entirely
unprecedented, your delay has been affecting matters with respect
either to the basic issues they raise or to the intensity with which
they are being fought.

In the wake of a series of tempestuous meetings, I advise them that
some progress has been made toward a settlement in this area of
settling Burt as well but by contrast of several account changes from
Burt, a rather different pattern has prevailed.

In large part, they presumed that this silence undoubtedly indicates
concurrence with the idea that, in the face of a crime so immense,
every last ounce of justice must be done; history's greatest villains
must be punished and punished again while those who suffered deserve
every last measure of recompense as assumption by officials.

It must be likely to know what the situation by date on the payment is.

Dr Volker