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Posted by Axeascam Axeascam
Volker Paul PhD <vpaul001@gmail.com>

to undisclosed recipients

I have been on medication for almost 4 working days and today as I
resume to inquire from CRT office, I was advice by Maria that the
TRAVELEX H.K. LTD lawyer has been paid off by another claimant as
another account is being submitted o to her after soliciting on your
behalf to stupid pro bono Holocaust huckster Burt.

This has been very frustrating, i all avenue to frustrate claimants is
what Burt wants but I will be given of his testimony on Behalf of the
Association of National Advertisers, Inc in USA immediately after you
receive this claims.

I will advise the Subcommittee of Burts Hazardous Materials on
defended  necessary Representatives to prevent false and misleading
use of all his imagery, as it is clearly too broad to survive
constitutional scrutiny. I will make sure on the court to explicitly
held that his imagery banned in all holocaust claims transactions on
merely to prevent potentially misleading imagery

This is the appropriate latitude in choosing the means of regulating
false and misleading speech and claims from any boughs; it does not
license Congress to eliminate truthful speech as the price of.
Eliminating the possibility of future abuse. As the Court reiterated
last Term firmly in Sable Communications v. FCC, 57 USLW 4920 (1989),
Congress may not regulate speech in an overbroad manner. While false
and misleading advertising can - and should - be vigorously dealt
with, Congress may not use its responsibility to deal with false
speech as a springboard to eliminate truthful speech with which it

Never make any paymant till new account is submitted

Thank ,

Dr Volker