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Posted by Axeascam Axeascam
Volker Paul PhD <vpaul001@gmail.com>

to undisclosed recipients

I understood all your predicaments complains and situations considering my own stand right away and the Synopsis by Government of Switzerland which is constituted by Burt creating an enemy by oppressing mostly not only us but others claimants in aligned with its citizen’s religious, economic social views, and others
That he vehemently rejects any criticism on the efficiency of the Swiss banks arrangement to disburse this fund accordingly as he subdue the Swiss banks idea in destroyed  to almost all documentation from CRT due to Burts stubbornness, and despite working like the blind.
The new evaluation, to the controversies of Burt is over how large, powerful and somehow intrusive to Swiss Governments simply because of his impact in NYU Law Office ,all Swiss  Holocaust Law Sittings and his control to all court claimants defense  to be in continuous  of human history as it has brought the  role of Swiss government in the lives of people from providing basic security to concern  religious affairs to control of national economies and eventually to providing lifelong social security which has expanded significantly during human history as Burt situation  have become more complex, situating the governments  to have become likewise more complex, powerful and, in some cases, intrusive.
we have jumped his huddles completely by cutting his prescience in this claims through human security attempts to provide a more holistic and comprehensive approach to his problems by utilizing a human security framework and its implementation ability to provides a critique traditional conceptions in adaptation to all the CRT agenda and appropriate policies within the unique characteristics in time constraints.
If we can complete this balance of $20,000.00 by CRT we will have this fund without liens as I have appealed to the CRT to exercise patient till the ending of the month as you promised for your fulfillment to this action as there is no other option than to wait until your completion.
Expect your further action.
Dr Volker Paul.