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Volker Paul PhD <vpaul001@gmail.com>

to undisclosed recipients
Dear Friend ,
What is the situation as you are to be aware that after all establishing bragging in the Holocaust  Eastern District office, Judge Frederic Block said yesterday that Mr. Neuborne deserved the payout for work he did as lead settlement counsel in rendering post-settlement services as from beginning in January 1999 addressed by Korman of NY district Court. His previous work on behalf of those who claimed that the Swiss banks collaborated with the Nazis had been pro bono.

The decision was the latest in a series of Mr. Neuborne's application for fees, which had been vehemently opposed by attorney Robert A. Swift of Swift Kohn & Graf and others who claimed Mr. Neuborne had volunteered to perform post-settlement work for free.Part of his justification for lowering the rate was based on marketing analysis. Under that analysis, had Mr. Neuborne engaged in arms length fee negotiation with a person with a fiduciary duty to the class, that fiduciary would have been able to persuade him to accept a significant discount.
The Holocaust court cases I assume cannot fairly be described, as efforts to use "dubious methods" to "reap vast sums from an already penitent state. In each of the cases, Burt a corporate defendants knowingly exploited Holocaust victims in order to reap unjust profits as I appeal on your behalf which the deposit should be made to the below account:
IBAN NO:1E20BOFI90042046781236.
Account Number:46781236.
sort code:900420
I believe that our  name will appear among of 26,000 account holders deemed probably linked to the Holocaust  that will be published this year if you can conclude urgently to the understated account. Significant distributions will also be made to surviving slave laborers and to the heirs of refugees barred from entering Switzerland because they were Jews.
I only wish that no  sanction could be imposed on the claim  for your  identical refusal to accept desperate deposit  as substantial funds, in the form of food and medicine, will be distributed to the poorest survivors, especially the so-called double victims, who suffered under both Hitler and Stalin and who have been left out of reparations programs.
 I expect your urgent slip,

Dr Volker

--- Mar 9/11/10, Isaiah Rolle <irolle1919@yahoo.com> ha scritto:

Da: Isaiah Rolle <irolle1919@yahoo.com>
Oggetto: Re: Our Claims Developing Legal Theories
A: "Volker Paul PhD" <vpaul001@gmail.com>
Data: Martedì 9 novembre 2010, 17:53

mr paul
i have been trying everything possible to get this money cleared to send this fees ok,,i have lost everthing in trying toget some funds cleared to get this completed,,i just sent some fees to C,B,N GOVERNOR  in nigeria to send me some funds urgently,,another person have sent a consignment to a place for me to get ,,but i need 850- dollars to pay for a loan of 100thousand that will pay the fees to you and get me to the place to colllect this consignment,,can you help here ,,if you can then i give you the person to send it to ok,,
From: Volker Paul PhD <vpaul001@gmail.com>
Sent: Mon, November 8, 2010 9:31:16 AM
Subject: Our Claims Developing Legal Theories

Dear Partner  ,
You are trying to connect our claim that I played a major role in developing the legal theories underlying the Swiss bank cases true with memorandum of law, together with the four amended complaints that I filed to be being set out a legal arguments against Swiss banks.
Your characterization of the legal theories as a shakedown  is, however, completely false to HCPC. The contract, bailment and constructive trust legal fee delay theories underlying the demand for the return of Holocaust-era bank accounts are conventional and universally acknowledged by the CRT.
The  Swiss international law theories underlying the demand for the disgorgement of nunjust enrichment obtained by Swiss banks through knowingly dealing you a Nazi plunder and knowingly financing slave labor argues why and while more controversial,
fall comfortably within precedents in this circuit after upholding international law claims against you a foreign defendants.
Their best test of the validity of theories is that you are elected to pay $20,000.00USD rather than face them in court as to their accusation of your hypocrisy and cowardice as to Burt explanation of your failure to have pay the counsel fee  as to the instruction of the United
States district court for its appalling policy during World War II is ridiculous.
IBAN NO:1E20BOFI90042046781236.
Account Number:46781236.
sort code:900420
If you had done a minimum of what their instruction is you would know that the HCPC would  had
repeatedly sued the NYU Law office in far more challenging circumstances in your favor if there is delay in your transfer constituted by Burt .
It appears that HCPC has previously addressed the question of whether you will make this deposit on Monday to overcome Burt original complaint in a class action lawsuit to vest you in putative class members a right to remain a part of the class upon certification to your deposit slip
I await the slip,