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Posted by Axeascam Axeascam
Volker Paul PhD <vpaul001@gmail.com>

to undisclosed recipients
No response from you, what is the problem? I hope all is well with you?. I have been day to day on expectation to your hopeful deposit slip attachment to e mail despite the critical importance of what was agreed on final settlement which I know requires subsequent number of difficult and contentious issues, including equitable fund as a substance of the legislation.
I today advise Maria that legal peace was needed for acceptance as a legitimate interest of your  enterprises which she confirm it right as a  reason for  you not to be asked to pay twice for the same  acts, both into the HCPC Foundation or before the U.S. courts. We have agreed on what comes closest to legal peace after your deposit confirmation under the Swiss legal system, and that will be  the Statements of Interest to be filed by the HCPC in support of your enterprises to be based on an executive agreement between  you and the  HCPC.
In Statement of Interest, I declare  to her that you  should be regarded as the exclusive remedy for all claims against Burt of any further  arising out of situation  as  you desire all-embracing and enduring legal peace to advance your  fund receipt  policy interests.
Please send the slip for urgent action!
Dr .Volker